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About Us

Kristine "Etal de Fruits", a sign for the year-end skit the class presented

An Over 20-year History of Fun and Learning

TALK started in 1992 when a group of Davis parents decided to collectively pool their efforts and resources together to offer language classes to their kids. Recognizing that elementary schools do not provide foreign language instruction, during a period when children can more easily absorb language, they joined together to form a non-profit dedicated to offering this opportunity.

Over the years, TALK has evolved in step with parent demand and participation.

TALK currently offers beginner and intermediate American Sign Language, French and Spanish classes to K-6 children at Birch Lane, Korematsu, North Davis, Patwin, Pioneer and Saint James schools.

While we partner with the Davis Arts Center, TALK is a registered independent non-profit organization entirely run by a Board of Directors made up of parent volunteers with children enrolled in TALK. 100% of fees are used to cover teacher salaries, registration expenses, facility rentals, liability coverage and classroom materials. We raise funds yearly to help pay for scholarships and new classroom tools.

In 2012, the Davis Enterprise featured us for our 20th anniversary (see it here). 

In 2014, the Enterprise covered our new American Sign Language program (see it here).  Again in May 2015, they wrote an article describing TALK's goals of building an ASL-fluent community in Davis (link here).

The TALK Board of Directors is composed of:

 Christine Oyakawa
Vice President
    to be filled
Secretary  Sarah Blecksmith
Treasurer  Nicole Rabaud
Birch Lane Site Representative
Korematsu Site Representative
 Gina Bloom
 Ashley Giovannettone
North Davis / DAC Site Representative      to be filled
Patwin Site Representative         
   to be filled
Pioneer Site Representative
 Lori Wright
Saint James Site Representative
 Rachelle Newman


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