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2. May and June, 1868

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The account of May and June is presented in six parts: 1. title pages; 2. a chronology of nine pages of newstories of the time with interpretive commentary; 3. an 1877 map of Solano County showing the progress of the railroad in May and June; 4. a depiction of the tunnel that had to be dug between Cordelia and Suisun; 5. a description of the innovative "track-layer" machine employed to lay the railroad; and, 6. a report on doings at the Davis ranch in May and June. These six parts are preceeded by photographs of the three panels of the exhibit as it appeared at the Hattie Weber Museum of Davis.

00. Overview Photos of Davisville 1868 Part Two
One photo each of the three four by six feet panels.
01. Title Pages
Four pages of introduction
02. Nine news reports in May and June
03. 1877 Map of Solano County
The progress of the railroad to late June is shown on an overlay.
04. The Cordelia Tunnel
A tunnel had to be dug between Cordelia and Suisun.
05. The Robertson-Whiteside Track-laying Machine
One of the first if not the first track-laying machine was used in building the railroad.
06. Davis Ranch Doings
Report by the editor of the Yolo County Democrat.

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