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4. October, November, December 1868

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The final quarter account of 1868 is in five files: 00. Photographs of the exhibit as it appeared at the Hattie Weber Museum of Davis, 01. the title pages, 02. four pages of reports taken from newspapers, 03 a reproduction of the first known map of Davisville, recorded with Yolo County, and, 04. an overlay of that map onto a 2008 aerial photo of the same area, highlighting the location of the original Davis farmstead.

00. Photos of Part 4 as displayed at the Hattie Weber Museum, October-December, 2008
01. Title Pages
02. Four placards containing reports on events in the new town
03. Map of Davisville Recorded With Yolo County
04. The 1868 Map Laid Over a 2008 Aerial Photo of the Same Area

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