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Kidd Family to Davis

Ida Sue Kidd relates a story about her family in Davis.

Submitted by Ida Sue Kidd; 10/08
This entry relates to the past, present.
Categories: Growing up in Davis, reflections, celebrations.
Paul and I were married in Nashville in 1940. Since then we have lived in St. Louis, Chicago, Los Angeles and Davis. We have three children Russell, Ronald, and Carol Sue. We had 66 wonderful years together, but Paul died May 24 2007.
I am now living in Covell Gardens Retirement Center in Davis. Russ lives in a home in West Hills and is a word processor for a law firm. Ron Married Yvonne Martin and they have a daughter Maggie. Carol married Bill Locutojz, and they have a son Paul and daughters Lilli and Susie. Lilli has a husband Sam, and they have a baby Andrews. Susie has a fiancé Josh.
Last year I had a phone call from Ronald, “Mom! Maggie and I would like to come to California and spend Easter with you!” “That would be wonderful,” I said.
Wednesday night late (midnight) I was waiting at the front door of our beloved Covell Gardens for them. The plane was a late flight from Nashville, and running 20 minutes late also. Days of activity and happiness were to follow.
We connected with Carol for a trip to our favorite coffee spot, Peet’s, to make plans and visit.
After this we gathered some calla lilies and visited Paul’s grave. It was a sunny beautiful day in the Davis Cemetery. We had a prayer and walked around looking at the names and dates on tombstones.
We visited old Sacramento on the river. One night we went to Carol’s and Bill’s for shish-lick, a special Russian dish. There were nine of us, Bill and Carol, Susie and her fiancé Josh, Ron and Maggie, grandson Paul and is fiancée Anna and me. We walked to the north pond after dinner.
We got up early Easter morning and to church at 8:30. The organ was playing and there were Easter lilies and multitudes of flowers. A fine sermon and the hallelujah chorus completed the service.
At noon we took Ron and Maggie to the airport. At 9:00 Pacific time, they called  from Nashville that they were home and back with Yvonne safely. Hallelujah!

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