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The Pumpkin Patch

Yoojin delights in all aspects of the Pumpkin Patch.

Submitted by:   Yoojin S., 6th grader, Mrs. Skinner’s class, North Davis Elementary
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Category(ies) of this entry: Nature, Halloween,

When you see the pumpkin patch
From pretty far away,
In the merry month of October,
Round pumpkins green leaves,
Going blurry with sniff of animals.

Wooden, red, white barn,
And a land of pumpkins in the backyard.
A small tractor spins around,
in a bright yellow sight, there is a
funny looking scarecrow

When you go in the barn,
Baby ducks, baby chicks, baby kittens
Fulfill your happy eyes

Small and furry, they sleep in your arms,
You can hear their breathing sighs.
You squeal with a happy joys,
Just love the little cuties!

Handsome bulls and stuffy sheep,
Skinny furry deers and snowy white rabbits
There’s a sniff of cow dung smells,
Fuzzy wuzzy hair smells and
A year old grass mells.

It’s a joy just looking at them,
But it’s sad, the fence walls stand strong

Hugging a pile of pumpkins on your arms,
Sniffing a pile of fresh air with your nose,
You move your feet towards the car,
With a big big smile on your face.

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