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A Cat’s Skirmish

Michael I. tells a story about a cat battle. Honorable Mention.

Submitted by Michael Ignatius; 5th grade 11/07
This entry relates to the past.
Categories: Animals, Pets, Unforgettable Experiences.

Dark clouds passed overhead, sending down heavy showers. It had been raining a good portion of the day, making the world seem unbelievable gloomy. A cat sat on a velvet couch inside a large and luxurious house, staring doubtfully at the storm. Its green eyes twinkled squinting ominously as cats usually do. It jumped lightly down onto the floor and began a series of nagging meows. Apparently, being out in the rain appealed to the cat. His name was Tigger. The whines attracted his master, (who had just shaved) who let him out and relocked the door. Tigger bounded out into the rain, sticking his leather-like tongue out to catch droplets. He rubbed up against the leg of a chair that the man kept out there next to the table. Tigger’s muscles tensed. Every hair on his back stood on end. Twitching her tail nervously, Pepper stood on a rock, parallel to a large oak. Her pelt was a dark grey, and her emerald eyes shone like gems. She was older than Tigger by about 3 years, but was just as agile and nimble as he. They circled each other not sure what to do. Recently, they had had a “swatting match,” which Pepper had won. Now revenge! Pepper swatted at him, annoyed, and walked away. Tigger bounded back over to the metal chairs and table on the deck. He jumped up onto the seat of the chair, then hauled the rest of his bulk up onto the table top, where he prepared for an assault. Pepper, wagging her tail doggishly, strode away, proud and ignorant as ever. Tigger bared his fangs in anger. He sprang. Tigger landed inches away from Pepper. They two rolled over and over in the dirt, dust on their coats and clawing at each other. Eventually, they hit the man’s favorite rock on the opposite side of the deck and were separated. The impact of the sudden collision had quite drawn the breath from the cats, so they retreated a few paces and glared at each other. Tigger realized that there was no way he could beat Pepper. So he walked away and onto the cool granite surface of the patio. “Oh well, I’ll beat her next time,” he thought. But more was still to come.

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