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A Poem of Davis

Kevin Anderson shares a poem about the fun things in Davis. Honorable Mention.

Submitted by Kevin Anderson; 6th grade 11/07
This entry relates to the past, present.
Categories: Poetry, General.

Well, I live in Davis and it’s pretty cool, but the coolest place is the community pool. You can flip you can flop you speedily slide you can even do a cannon ball off the big high dive. And when you’re hungry just go buy a snack, but be careful, it’s slippery don’t fall on your back… Remember not to run and be a fool just walk and you’ll be cool. If you’re getting bored or swimming all day just go down the slide and shout hip hip horray! There are many new people that you can meet, ask them to race you just don’t cheat. Going off the high dive is fairly easy, just don’t look down or you’ll get queasy. Now you know all about my favorite pool, hopefully you think it’s cool too!

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