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Farmer’s Market

Alanna Quinn shares what she loves about the Farmer’s Market. Honorable Mention.

Submitted by Alanna Quinn; 6th grade 11/07
This entry relates to the past, present.
Categories: Favorite Things.

One of the things I like most about Davis is the Farmer’s Market. At the Farmer’s Market vendors come to sell food, drinks, meals to eat there, jewelry, clothes and much more. Once you buy your food, you can go to the big grass space and sit down with a chair, blanket or just on the grass. Normally there is a band if you go on Wednesday night. If you go on Saturday, there are more people shopping than sitting and eating so there’s no band. If it is warm enough you can often see young kids running in the fountains. Over on the grass, you can sometimes find pony rides going on. Close by, there are often many bouncy houses blown up with kids inside. Step off the grass and there is a playground and a merry go round. If you want to find another park, go back to the grass and you’ll find two separate parks joined together. This special place in Davis has things for people of all ages. The Farmer’s Market is definitely one of my favorite places in Davis.

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