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My Favorite Teacher

Marlena Angermann shares a story about an awesome teacher. Honorable Mention.

Submitted by Marlena Angermann; 4th grade 11/07
This entry relates to the past.
Categories: Favorite person, Schools.

I think I must have had the most fabulous teacher in third grade, Mrs. Wallace. Whenever she read a book to the class it was always really juicy. After she read the book and told us our assignment about it, I always knew what to write because she read it so well. I also always looked forward to ceaseless stories about her dogs and other animals. She once told my class about a spider on the wall of her living room and how she had named it Harry. One day she took a quilt off the wall and Harry was behind it. She squished him. When my class heard this is was a hit! I also enjoyed learning cursive that year. I had always wanted to learn cursive because you weren’t allowed to at my school until you were in third grade. Thank to Mrs. Wallace I learned. Mrs. Wallace always had cool ideas in art; for example, making books for start of the week. Star of the week is one week close to a student’s birthday and that student brings in photos and tells the class about his/her family. Whenever I was in a bad mood Mrs. Wallace would make my day with reading, writing or early recess. Almost anything with her was good. Mrs. Wallace recently became a proud grandmother. Her granddaughter’s name is Jenna and she talks about her a lot. In photos Jenna looks nice and I think I can see whom she gets it from. But my favorite thing about Mrs. Wallace is the way she made learning fun! I really hope Mrs. Wallace can be my fifth grade teacher.

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