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The Picnic Day Parade!!!

Pooja Tripathi shares her experience at the Picnic Day Parade. Honorable Mention

Submitted by Pooja Tripathi; 6th grade 11/07
This entry relates to the past.
Categories: Celebrations, Picnic Day, Unforgettable Experiences.

Have you ever been to a parade? Well, in April there’s one called, The Picnic Day Parade, right here in Davis. Floats and marching bands walk all around Downtown Davis and people wait for them so they can watch them march. While people are waiting, they can get some cotton candy and talk with their friends. One of my favorite floats to see is the giant cow one. It’s a huge model of a cow on a float, and I think it talk about dairy. Many groups like 4H, the football team, gymnastics, basketball, foreign language schools, and etc. talk about where they meet, what days, where you can sign up, and answer any questions you have about what they do. A lot of stores are closed on that one special day and all of the streets the parade uses get blocked off so the cars don’t get in the way. Also, sometimes floats throw out candy for people to get, so get a bag just in case. Since the Parade’s in the spring, there’s no telling what the weather could be. It could be bright and sunny, or it could be pouring rain. Usually it’s near Easter, so people sometimes have rabbit shirts or Easter egg themed things. I think the Picnic Day parade is a great thing to go to in April.

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