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Ben’s Awesomely Perfect Davis Day

Benjamin London shares his perfect Davis day with us.

Submitted by Benjamin David London; 3rd grade 10/08
This entry relates to the past.
Categories: Bicycles, favorite places, unforgettable experiences.
On my perfect day I wake up in bed on Saturday morning. It’s sunny, like it is a lot in Davis, but not too hot yet. After I read Brisingr for a while, I get out of bed and get dressed. I feel great.
After my mom, dad and sister get up, we play a little bit of Dungeons and Dragons. Then we go to Cindy’s for breakfast, and I have French toast, sausage, bacon and hot chocolate with whipped cream. I like going to Cindy’s because they have delicious food.
After we eat, we drive home, and I get my tennis racket. I walk to my friend Tioga’s house. We get tennis balls and walk to the greenbelt tennis court to play.
When we’re tired, Tioga goes home, and I go get my family. We bike downtown to the Farmers Market and plan to get a dog at the Lab Rescue booth. I’m a little hot, so we get a special fruit popsicle too. I want to go to Bizarro World to get more Dungeons and Dragons characters. Bizarro World is really great. They give out comic books on Halloween!
Next we bike to the Rec Pool at UC Davis and go swimming. I bump into my friends at the pool. We swim for a long tie.
Then I go home and I have dinner. We make pizza with sausage and pepperoni. All of my friends come over and we sit at out picnic table. We have a brownie sundae for dessert, and we play lots of games.
After we get tired of games, we have a water balloon fight. We all get soaked, but it doesn’t matter because it’s so hot even though it’s the evening. Everyone goes home. We play a family game of flashlight tag in the field across the street.
Now I’m tired. I get ready for bed and then I get in bed and read some more Brisingr. And that’s the end of Ben’s awesomely perfect Davis day.

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