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Caffe Italia

Katy S. shares with us one of her favorite places, Caffe Italia.

Submitted by Katy S.; 6h grade 11/07
This entry relates to the past, present.
Category: Favorite places.

If you ever come to Davis I think you should try a restaurant named Caffe Italia. Caffe Italia is a nice little place on Richards Blvd. It is between the freeway and a Hotel. It has plants and benches in the front and looks small but if you go inside its pretty big!

Caffe Italia has very good food. I think the best food there is the spaghetti and meat balls. They nave meat and white sauce, and the sauce is always warm and creamy! It’s also good with a Caesar salad. The Caesar comes with beats, bacon, croutons, and some little white beans on the top! And for the dessert I love sharing a chocolate passion, my favorite! It has a chocolate brownie on the bottom, 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream on the top!!!

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