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Madison shares a fun Halloween at the Monster Mash.

Submitted by Madison N.; 6th grade 11/07
This story relates to the past.
Categories: Unforgettable experiences, celebrations.

If I could do anything in Davis, I would do the Monster Mash at the Civic Center gym. I went last year and I had a blast! It started at five o’clock pm on October 26th. My friend Robin and I had matching Halloween shirts and leggings. The air was cold and foggy outside. When we got inside the gym, we were amazed at how spooky it looked. There were bright orange lights made out of mats. As Robin and I gazed out at what was in store for us, something caught my eye. At the very back of the gym there was a small dark room with cobwebs covering the door. I asked one of the instructors what it was. She told me I would have to wait and see.

We played games, did relay races, and ate pizza for dinner. All through the night I waited for the moment we would go through the spooky looking room. Finally at the end of the night we went through the doors. It was a haunted house! Lights flickered, doors creaked, and best of all, images of pumpkins and bats flashed onto the walls. Scary music played as it sent chills down my spine. Slowly Robin and I crept through the spooky room. Every once in a while we would jump at the sound of thunder from a nearby boom box. It was very scary!

After the haunted house it was time to go home. Robin and I were sad to leave. I had a great time at the Monster Mash!

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