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Davis In Autumn

Krystal L. shares a story about Davis spirit.

Submitted by Krystal L.; 6th grade 10/08
This entry relates to the past, present.
Categories: Favorite places, weather, unforgettable experiences.
A crisp, fresh breeze blows in my face, cool and light. My hair spirals around me in the wind. This is Davis, my home, and my haven. This is Davis - in autumn. Bright, colorful leaves adorn the path as I skip down the greenbelt. Davis is beautiful in autumn. Everything is wonderful. I love the crisp and fresh air of autumn and the colorful leaves flitting and flying about. I love the wind rustling through the trees and the busy bustle of fall. School has begun and the carefree mood of no homework in summer has ended. Daily routine has begun and everything is scheduled and organized. But autumn isn't just work - to me it is free and wild. The wind is flowing and free, with not a thought to burden it down. The breeze dances through the greenbelt all around Davis with brightly colored leaves shining and glittering as ornaments for the wind. Autumn isn't just hard work, its fun too. Like Halloween, passing around candy and giggling at the doorsteps. There
 is also Thanksgiving where we can have a huge feast with all varieties of foods that are so delicious. Sitting down at the table with the happy smiles of your family – joking, eating, and listening to music. Autumn is definitely not just hard work. The day is bright, with the sun shining down at us, the sunshine streaming in to every nook and cranny. I love biking in the greenbelt with the wind blowing in my face and the sparkle in my eye, twinkling in my soul. Sitting on a bench at a park, I look up into the sky. The sky is a clear blue filled with so much promise and hope with the puffy white clouds comforting us. I love the air, so crisp and pleasurable. I enjoy the swift birds soaring to the sky, all in autumn at Davis. Even when the rain beats down upon Davis, it is a joyful rain. Glistening little rain drops, tears of happiness for us, cleansing the world. Afterward, Davis is fresh and new, and the plants rejoice. Finally, we rejoice, with the
 beauty of a rainbow over our heads. I am so content with all of this beauty. A magical starry black cloak falls over our city and it is night now. The twinkling stars wink upon me and the moon gracefully makes me smile in my slumber. Everything is so peaceful and quiet. Davis is my home, not just as a building, but home in my heart as well. And if you walk along the path of the greenbelt, you will find me laughing happily, sprawled on the grass, perfectly content, for I am at home, at home in my heart.

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