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Davis is Great

William F. shares a song about Davis.

Submitted by William F.; 4th/5th grade 10/08
This entry relates to the past, present.
Categories: Song.

Oh, ice cream makes kids scream with glee,
Stay out of jail by paying a fee,
Oh Davis you’re the place for me.
Now there are other songs of Davis I cannot describe,
But those song writers are scattered far and wide.
So listen to me, I’ll be your guide.
Davis is great so come for a day or two,
You probably won’t forget it once you’re through,
And do not worry, there is no natural goo.
There are good guys and bad guys in Davis I admit,
When the good guys are bored they might knit,
When the bad guys get arrested they sure will throw a fit.
Venture scouts, boy scouts, girl scouts too,
So come to Davis, a lot of fun is waiting for you.
My name is William F.
I live in Davis right here,
You may not live in Davis with me,
But if you look around you may find out you’re really near!
I ride my bike to school

Morgan Mooney-McCarthy shares a story about a train and a bike.
Submitted by Morgan Mooney-McCarthy 4th/5th grade 10/08
This entry relates to the past.
Categories: Unforgettable experience, biking.
Suddenly a train was racing over my body. I darted up a hill and peered back at the train (keep in mind I was under a bridge). I looked back to see if all the other car’s had gone by, I tried to count the remaining one’s but there was no more left to count. I biked the rest of the way to school begging my dad for my own e-mail.

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