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Farmers Market

Theresa shares her experience at the Davis Farmer’s Market.

Submitted by Theresa Ahn; 6th grade 11/07
This entry relates to the past, present.
Category: Favorite places.

My favorite place to go in Davis is the Farmers Market. What I like about the Farmer’s Market is the popcorn! I also like how the fruits, vegetables, and drinks don’t cost that much. I love to go to the Farmer’s Market with my family. We have lots of family time there.

The Farmer’s Market feels like Safeway except for it’s outside. Everything is fresh. I am really happy that Farmers Market is next to the parks. Kids who want to go to the park can play there and if they get hungry, they can get something to eat! Sometimes, if there is a magic show or a play, I love to watch it.

In the summer, I love to play at the fountains at Farmer’s Market. It is really fun to get wet and see the water popping out of the holes. There are lots of things to do at the Farmer’s Market. I love everything they have there!

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