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I Love Davis

Noah Longshore tells a story about his hockey team.

Submitted by Noah Longshore; 4th/5th grade 10/08
This entry relates to the past, present.
Categories: Unforgettable experiences, sports.
I live in woodland but I am going to move to Davis in a few weeks. I come to Davis every single day. I am going to tell you a sad story about Davis. I am on a Hockey team for Davis and we travel to San Jose, Redding, and Sonora. My first year on this Hockey team I had a coach named Robert Barry. But we called him coach Barry. Not even half of the year he was our coach because he had past away. He worked for construction and he needed tools. His son had tools so he was driving to his son’s house and his son’s house was behind train tracks and he looked but our of nowhere a train came out and !!BOOM!! AHHHH!! And right that second he died. He was the best coach, ever! I really, really miss him. Now I am going to tell you a poem. It’s called Davis I love Davis. I love Davis, Davis is my life, I love the bikes, I love From Davis!!!

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