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Ms. Foerster

Charlotte Downes-Toney tells us about a great teacher.

Submitted by Charlotte Downes-Toney; 2nd grade 10/08
This entry relates to the past.
Category: Favorite person.
Ms. Forester is Willett’s kindergarten teacher. When I was in kindergarten I had Ms. Foerster as a teacher. She is a good teacher. I love Ms. Foerster. The year went like this: We decided what animal our class was going to be. We chose a lemur. Only one person chose the other animal. Then we made gingerbread people and ate them! Yum! We did not have lunch, only a snack. We made yearbooks. We made lots of books. Then the year was over. I was very, very sad. I cried a lot. Then I went home.

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