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My Beautiful City

Grace Mariano relates a poem of her favorite things about Davis.

Submitted by Grace Mariano; 3rd grade 10/08
This entry relates to the past, present.
Categories: Bicycles, unforgettable experiences, favorite places.

I very much like Nebraska,
And I also like Alaska,
But in the middle of California is my home.
I live in a city named Davis,
I think it is the tamest
Because there aren’t very many people to be seen.
I love to eat downtown,
At the habit burger and bistro
And when eating ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s
My favorite flavor is Super Strawberry.
Another thing I like,
Is to take a long ride on my bike,
To feel the city air,
Streaming through my hair.
In Davis is the Farmer’s Market,
Where you can play in water springs,
You can also buy lots of cool things.
There is the Regal Theatre with lots of shows.
And when the movie is starting the lights dim their glow.
Whether its eating at the bistro or Farmer’s Market Fun,
Davis is the best little town under the sun.

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