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My Story about Davis, California, my Hometown

Kate Thompson shares her favorite Davis experiences.

Submitted by Kate Thompson; 3rd grade 10/08
This entry relates to the past, present.
Categories: Favorite places, unforgettable experiences, celebrations, bicycle.

I like Davis. Davis is a fun place to be. I love all of the nice parks, and my favorite park is central park, where Farmer’s Market is held every Saturday morning. When I moved to Davis, I was so excited. I have made many new friends in Davis, and I like to play with them and have sleepovers. There are also lots of nice restaurants in Davis that I like- Pasta Q, Subway, the Graduate, Sushi Unlimited, Bistro 33, and many others. In Davis, there are lots of chances to play sports, soccer, swimming, softball, football, lacrosse, and many other fun sports.
I like to pick up my Daddy at the train station in Davis, when he comes home from work. I like to ride horses in Davis. My family owns a farm and we have a horse, a dog, and two cats. We also have a pond where two turtles and a whole bunch of fish live. There are also skunks, mice, foxes, squirrels, frogs, geese, ducks, rabbits, and birds.
On Halloween, we go on a hayride from house to house and we collect candy and say Trick or Treat. On the 4th of July, we go watch fireworks in community park, and there is a big parade. On the day after Thanksgiving, they have the Turkey Trot, which is a race  for kids. At Christmas, there is a parade, and a tree lighting ceremony, too. There are also lots of bike races in Davis, ad once a year, they shut down downtown for a bike race. There are lots of music bands in Davis, too, and I like to go listen to their music. Music Matt is from Davis too!
And I saved my favorite thing for last, ice cream. There are lots of places to get ice cream, Baskin Robbins, Rite Aid, Ben and Jerry’s, Yogurt Shack, Marble Slab, Coldstone Creamery, and Swirl.
And there are many more things that I love about Davis, but I am now running out of words. I LOVE DAVIS !! I LOVE DAVIS !!!

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