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Naomi Miyamoto shares a story about how her family adopted a new kitten.

Submitted by Naomi Miyamoto; 4th grade 10/08
This entry relates to the past.
Categories: Pets.
Meow! Meow! I jumped when I heard that meowing sound. I saw a box and I looked inside. Two kittens were cuddling up together. One was orange and white. The other was black, orange, and white. We decided to keep the kittens for three days. On the second night, when we were putting the kittens to bed, I asked my dad if we could keep the kittens. We both agreed. But we had to ask my mom first. First she said no. But my dad wanted to keep them to. So, my mom said yes! We named the calico one Pokalena and her brother, Moe.
Then, a few weeks later, my mom’s friend came and my mom thought we had too many cats. Including three other cats we had. So my mom offered her friend one kitten. She decided to take Moe. Pokalena stayed with us and she still lives with us today. That’s how I got my cat Pokalena.

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