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Saturday in the Park

Anna Belenis shares a thrilling soccer experience.

Submitted by Anna Belenis; 5th grade 10/08
This entry relates to the past.
Categories: Unforgettable experiences, sports.
No one could take a whiff of the cold moist air as it pierced out skin on our way back to the extremely close goal. The girl with the ball (who was on the other team) attempted a shot and … It was pouring rain on our 12th and last game of the season. We were undefeated and we had never tied. The game was played at Emerson Junior High and my heart was pumping blood in and out so fast. As I glanced behind my sore and frozen shoulder and saw the old buildings. My eyes began to water from the wind.
I looked forward and saw the ball fly into the back of the net and roll down. My heart stopped, my head drifted downward. I couldn’t believe it.
As we started playing again I tried to think of all the good and funny times I had had in Davis. I thought of times my family and I would go to the Farmer’s Market and stuff like that. Then suddenly the ball was coming at me like a rocket about to hit stomach… I went down and couldn’t breathe. It was like there just wasn’t enough air in the world for me. In about twenty second the wind came back into my lungs. I wanted to keep playing.
After the third quarter we were tied one to one. I could feel the energy building up inside me like block a little boy was stacking. I felt awesome.
In the first five minutes we scored twice. I felt tingling form the cold rain and my warm sweaty face. Just like the time at the park when our house was being remodeled.
After that the game was easy. There was only one shot on out goal but it rolled right to the keepers warm, sticky gloves. We scored two more easy goals before the game ended. When the ref blew his final four blows of his whistle there was only one thing in my mind… What would I do without you Davis?!!

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