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Sterling Riding Academy

Cassidy S. shares her experience at Sterling Riding Academy.

Submitted by Cassidy S; 3rd grade 10/08
This entry relates to the past, present.
Categories: Favorite places, unforgettable experiences, pets.
Sterling Riding Academy is a place to ride horses. I ride there every Friday. The horses there are the sweetest most gentle horses you could ever imagine. The tallest horse there is named Fritz. There is also four new babies. The babies are so sweet they are so cute too. The Mom’s name’s are Sofi, Pompey, Mia, Vurne. I am not allowed to ride all the horses there. But I am allowed to ride most of them. The ones I ride name’s are Song, Phantom, Riley, Clancy, Izzy, and Ping. There are also ponies. Izzy is a pony and so is Ping. Izzy’s real name is Istrea. But they call her Izzy for short. What the sad thing is that Clancy died. Males and females don’t get along so well. That’s why when you’re riding you shouldn’t get very close if there is a male and female. When you want the horses to walk you kick them with your feet. If you want them to trot you kick them again. And last if you want your horse to canter you have to kick hard. When you want them to stop you pull and lean back and say “whoa.” As I said there are ponies and horses there. The smallest pony there is named Sparkle. The sweetest pony there is Sil. The stuff you put on the horses are called the saddle and the saddle pad and the girth. The thing you put on there head is called the rains. Horses Rock!!!

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