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That Best Friend Down the Street

Deanna C. shares a story about her best friend.

Submitted by Deanna C.; 10th grade 10/08
This entry relates to the past, present.
Categories: Favorite person, unforgettable experiences.

When people ask you who your best friend is, do you immediately think of the person who is in all your classes? The person who you’ve gone to school with since pre-school? Well, my best friend isn’t in any of my classes and I only officially met her in 7th grade. Caitlin, my best friend, is my “down-the-street” neighbor. Actually, you might even know her. Or, you might not know her, but if you asked a friend of a friend, you’ll probably find out who she is. That’s how small of a town Davis is. But, I'm not here to talk about how small Davis is. I'm here to talk about Caitlin. There are the usual facts that anyone could give you: she has blonde hair, she’s beautiful, and she lives in Davis. But, I could tell you that she’s smart, talented, and loves the color purple. She means so much to me and just the fact that I could walk to her house in under 45 seconds makes it even better. If you ever catch us two together, you might wonder if we really are sophomores. We bring out the silliest in each other and that’s what a best friend is really for. They’re not there to bring out the best in you. Best friends are there to make you laugh when you’re sad or share they’re cookies if you forgot your lunch. That’s what Caitlin and I have. Our friendship is there because we make the most ridiculous inside jokes and sometimes forget why we’re laughing at all. Caitlin has always been there for me. Caitlin, if you’re reading this, I want you to know that I'll always be there for you; now, tomorrow, and every single day after that.

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