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The Blackout

Ruthie M. shares her experience in a Davis blackout.

Submitted by Ruthie M.; 2nd grade 10/08
This entry relates to the past.
Category: Unforgettable experiences.

On day in Winter Break there was a storm with a lot of wind and a lot of rain. During the storm there was a blackout in Davis. My sister, Annie, and I needed to go to Winter Camp at Cesar Chavez CDC, so we went in the car and CDC did not have lights. Because we ate lunch at CDC, all we had was some graham crackers and milk. Because CDC did not have electricity, we had to bring flashlights so we could see. Because they did not have enough food for lunch, the CDC teachers had to call the parents. When my mom came to take Annie and me home, we went to have lunch. When we arrived at our house, Annie and I put new clothes on and we went to the park. When we arrived back home from the park, my dad was already home so we went to a Japanese restaurant and the restaurant had lights on. When we arrived home after eating dinner, we needed to light some candles because there was no lights on. Later, we played Monopoly and then Annie and I had to go to sleep. That is my story of The Blackout.

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