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The Daring Crash

Tomas E. tells a story about a bike crash.

Submitted by Tomas E.; 4th grade 10/08
This story relates to the past.
Categories: Unforgettable experiences, bicycles.
I was zooming on my bike along my street and suddenly I pulled the brakes. 2 minutes and 47 seconds! Dang it, I can do better than that! Ok, here I go again. Now I am flying as I pass houses. I looked back to see how far I was. I was a quarter of the way done! Right as I turn my head back, my handlebar hit a parked trucked and I lost control.
I fell off my bike as it fell on me. I was howling in pain as blood left my system. Before I knew it, a family came out of their house to see what all they crying was about. They called my mom and my mom picked me up and drove me home. From that day on, I don’t “zoom” on my bike.

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