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The Drawing Contest

Alyssa L. shares a story about winning a drawing contest.

Submitted by Alyssa L.; 4th grade 10/08
This entry relates to the past.
Categories: Unforgettable experiences, Honors and awards.
One day after school I was sitting on my couch doing my homework with my dad, when all of the sudden the phone rang. My dad ran over and picked up the phone and said, “Hello this is Tom.” The man who was on the phone was one of the managers from Savemart, and his name was Bob. Bob said that Alyssa and Erick had won their drawing contest. My dad was very surprised that both me and Erick had won. After Bob and my dad were done chatting, my dad hung up and said to me, “Alyssa you and Erick won the drawing contest!” I was so happy that I said, “When can we go to Savemart to get our gift card!” My dad said, “As soon as Erick gets home.” So I waited for an hour then finally Erick came home. My dad said to Erick that he had won the drawing contest and we were heading to Savemart. So me and my brother jumped in the car and walked in. Right when we walked in bob ran over to us and said, “I have your gift cards in my office so we walked over to his office and he handed us our gift cards. After that we went shopping and I got the best things I’ve ever wanted. That was the best day ever!

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