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The Marketplace

Patrick shares a story about the Davis Marketplace.

Submitted by Patrick L.; 6th grade 11/07
This story relates to the past, present.
Category: Favorite places.

Every other Wednesday my friends and I go to the Marketplace. The Marketplace is our favorite place in all of Davis to hang out and get a snack. One of our favorite things to do is to go to Jamba Juice and order all kinds of different types of smoothies. Then we like to try each and every type of smoothie and vote which one is the best. If it’s a cold day we like to go to Noah’s Bagels just across the way and get a couple of their cinnamon walnut strudels, yum. Every now and then when we go to the Marketplace we get my favorite dessert in all of Davis, Coldstone Ice Cream. I always get the chocolate ice cream with butterfingers and whipped cream in a love it size. I love the chocolate sensation of the cold creamy ice cream. After we are all completely full of ice cream or whatever we got that day we bike home and talk about what we’re gong to get next time. The Marketplace is by far my favorite place in Davis.

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