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Ryan Kreidler shares a story of a death defying bicycle stunt.

Submitted by Ryan Kreidler; 5th grade 10/08
This story relates to the past.
Categories: Unforgettable experiences, bicycles.
I was riding my bike almost vertically up the over-pass at the Davis art center and I knew that my friends depended on me. Even though it was it was not a big deal if I decided to say no, I was very tense. At the top of the over pass, I said a silent prayer, hoping that I could have a lot of fun, but I knew that I could do it with ease if I just put my mind to it. All that I could think about were the bad things that could happen, when I couldn’t think about the good. I was so preoccupied with fright, that I forgot what I was thinking about and just went down the side of the arced shape at very fast speeds.
My instincts were to stop suddenly, when I denied my compulsion to stop as I pedaled, and pedaled until I finally reached the inch-deep crevice between the grass and the asphalt as I lifted my front suspension on the Trek bike that I got for my birthday when I was five. Suddenly, I was half-flying over the green and brown-spotted grass, when… I was having a great time again. I finally felt my front wheel hit the grass with awesome force as my back wheel did the same. As soon as I was sliding through the grass, I turned my handlebars to the left side of the field when I caught myself saying “again, again.” I knew that I wanted to do next. You rock Davis!

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