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Hannah T tells a story about seasonal weather patterns.

Submitted by Hannah T.; 4th grade 10/08
This entry relates to the past, present, and future.
Categories: Weather.
“Plip, plop, plip, pater,” rain is falling, splashing, splashing, splashing. Lightning is flashing. After autumn this starts to happen, as it gets cold. Months and months and months pass by, where it’s all wet rain and lightening, rain and lightening, all the way to Christmas. After Christmas, more weeks of rain splashing, lightening flashing, thunder growling, now comes New Years Eve on December 31st. The very next day is New Years day on January 1st.Winter goes on as it starts to get warmer. Near the end of March, spring comes, when everything turns green, yellow pink and blue, when sweet little babies are born.

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